Contributed by Mellen, by Norrie Chadbourne

3 medium cucumbers (or their equivalent)
2 small red onions
1/2 cup rice, malt or red vinegar (as long as it’s mild)
2 tsp sugar
sea salt (kosher salt OK)
ground pepper

Peel and slice cukes as thin as you possibly can. Leave a little skin on them so it shows a little green once they’re sliced. Put sliced cucumbers in a large bowl. Thinly slice and quarter red onions and put in a bowl. Sprinkle the vinegar and equal amounts of water over the cucumbers and red onions. Sprinkle with a couple of tsp of sugar and gently season with ground pepper and sea salt. Mix well. Cover bowl and refrigerate. After about an hour, taste and flavor more if necessary. While it’s all a matter of personal taste, the cucumbers should have a mild flavor and should not be overpowered by the vinegar. Use the sugar sparingly at first and add later if necessary after tasting.