Welcome to Farmer Dave’s

Farmer Dave’s is a diversified farm north of Boston that responsibly grows a myriad of vegetables and fruits.  While offering a CSA membership with pickups in many surrounding communities, Farmer Dave’s operates farm stands and participates in local farmers markets, school tours and pick-your-own apples. Committed to our food eco-system and keeping our community strong and healthy, we strive to keep our food sustainable and local.

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Being a member has made my husband and me eat more vegetables. I like trying new vegetables that I would not normally buy if I saw them in the grocery store. The recipe blog and Vegisodes are really helpful. I like knowing that we are supporting something local and helping the environment by eating locally grown, in season vegetables.


My family has been a member of the CSA for a few years now. When we first started I was intimidated by all the veggies I didn’t know. However your website is amazing for identifying veggies and getting ideas for recipes. You have helped me learn how to eat healthy and in season, and in turn teach my family.  


Everyone at Farmer Dave’s is dedicated to excellent customer service too. I have always had wonderful interactions with everyone on the farm. Thank you for all that you do.


We eat better year round, learn new ways to prepare and preserve healthy food, support our environment and community and enjoy a fun treasure hunt at every pick up with staff to answer questions.


Apple – Storage

Storing in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator is the ideal environment and will keep the apples at their best. If storing in a basement or garage the temp should not go below 32 degrees. Use shallow baskets or boxes lined with newspaper. If there are multiple...

Dried Onions – Storage

Store 32-34 degrees in a dry environment. Have an overabundance of onions? Caramelize them in the slow cooker to freeze in portions. Check out our YouTube channel for the video. French onion soup freezes wonderfully. Use to make and freeze stock. Chop up and freeze...

Carrots- Storage

Store in crisper drawers in plastic bags lined with paper towel. If your carrots don't have their greens removed already, remove before storing.  The greens will draw moisture out of the carrots. They can also be stored in the refrigerator in a container of water. The...

Winter Squash – Storage

Store in a dark, cool, well-ventilated area at approximately 54-59 degrees. Once cut, store no more than 4 days in the refrigerator. Butternut squash will store for quite sometime as long as there are no cuts or bruises on the skin. I always have some broken down and...

Potatoes – Storage

Potatoes should be checked for any damage or soft spots. Only potatoes in excellent shape should be stored. Ensure good ventilation – store potatoes in a cardboard box, paper bag, basket or mesh bag (in a dark area), this will allow them to breath. Plastic does not...

Sweet Potatoes – Storage

Store at approximately 55 to 59 degrees, in a basket, box or shelf lined with newspaper. If you notice your sweet potatoes starting to shrivel, it is time to cook them. The simplest is to roast and mash the sweet potatoes and freeze in quantities you will use in...

Celeriac (or Celery Root)

This vegetable will not win a beauty contest but don't judge a book by its cover. It is part of the celery family. Its stems and leaves are usually used for flavoring cooking liquid or stock and its leaves can be dried and used as a seasoning. As with beets and...

Apple and Onion Chicken Thighs

This was a pantry recipe that came out amazing.  Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Season boneless, skinless chicken thighs with salt and pepper.  Brown each side of the thighs in a skillet on medium high heat using a few tablespoons of olive oil.  The thighs will not...

Garlicky Roasted Potatoes with Wilted Greens & Bacon Gremolata

Many variations of this recipe have been made.  Perfect for using whatever greens you have to wilt and adding other root veggies like carrots. Recipe adapted from Tumbleweed Farm blog post and the book Dishing up Dirt Bacon Gremolata  3 strips of good quality thick...


There are so many types of salsa recipes out there.  At peak season when the tomatoes and other produce is at its best is a great time to stash some in the fridge for the short-term or waterbath can some to bring you through the winter.  When canning, be sure to use a...