Welcome to Farmer Dave’s

Farmer Dave’s is a diversified farm north of Boston that responsibly grows a myriad of vegetables and fruits.  While offering a CSA membership with pickups in many surrounding communities, Farmer Dave’s operates farm stands and participates in local farmers markets, school tours and pick-your-own apples. Committed to our food eco-system and keeping our community strong and healthy, we strive to keep our food sustainable and local.

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Being a member has made my husband and me eat more vegetables. I like trying new vegetables that I would not normally buy if I saw them in the grocery store. The recipe blog and Vegisodes are really helpful. I like knowing that we are supporting something local and helping the environment by eating locally grown, in season vegetables.


My family has been a member of the CSA for a few years now. When we first started I was intimidated by all the veggies I didn’t know. However your website is amazing for identifying veggies and getting ideas for recipes. You have helped me learn how to eat healthy and in season, and in turn teach my family.  


Everyone at Farmer Dave’s is dedicated to excellent customer service too. I have always had wonderful interactions with everyone on the farm. Thank you for all that you do.


We eat better year round, learn new ways to prepare and preserve healthy food, support our environment and community and enjoy a fun treasure hunt at every pick up with staff to answer questions.


New England Celery

Celery is a kitchen staple and is as indispensable as potatoes, onions and garlic. It plays a supportive role but important role in the flavor of soups and broths as well as that crunch in potato, pasta, egg, and green salads. Used in this way, celery is treated more...

Yellow Squash Soup

Original Recipe from Pampered Chef Adapted by Farmer Dave's INGREDIENTS Soup 1½ lbs. (700 g) yellow squash (about 2–3), chunked  (use zucchini or kousa if that is what you have) 1½ cups (375 mL) fresh corn kernels (2–3 ears) - you can also use 1 and 1/2 cups of frozen...

Vegisode – Veggietots

Vegisode Veggietots This recipe is a guideline.  Each vegetable’s moisture content is variable, once shredded or finely chopped, the vegetable should be drained or pressed with paper towels to dry as much as possible. The bread crumbs can be adjusted to alter the...

Fresh Onions

Fresh Onions with Tops These are fresh onions, not cured ones. Use soon or chop and refrigerate. There is nothing like fresh, juicy onions. Enjoy these grilled or carmelized, served along side your other grilled vegetables, burgers and chicken. Early in the season...

Refrigerator Pickling

Refrigerator Pickling Picking is one of the oldest methods of food preservation and has been around for thousands of years.  As we head into the hot summer months, the shares will gradually become more plentiful.  Pickling is the perfect skill to preserve those...

The Greens of Summer

Using Your Greens We all know that greens are nutritious and good for us.   Many of us look forward to this time of year when greens are in season, delicious and plentiful.   Not you?  Try and look at your greens in a different way.   Rather than having them be the...

Unpacking and Storing Your Greens and Herbs

The vegetables and fruit are harvested early in the day from the fields and greenhouses and brought in to be chilled, rinsed and packed.  Maintaining the cold chain is important for keeping the produce fresh.  Once you pick up your CSA share, getting the share home...

Kale Salad with Beans, Pistachios and Dried Cranberries

A variation of this salad is made weekly at our house now and it can be served cold or warmed. Have family members that are one the fence with kale? This recipe may push them over onto the kale side. There are many variations of the recipe mentioned below and it can...

Garlic Scape and Arugula Pesto

This is great on pasta, pizzas, sandwiches, and as a salad dressing when whisked with some white wine vinegar.    Ingredients   2 bunches garlic scapes, roughly chopped and flower heads discarded 1 large bunch arugula, roughly chopped and any tough stems removed 1/2...

Garlic Scapes

Garlic scapes are thin, curly stems that emerge from the garlic plant in late spring and will eventually produce a flower. The scapes are cut out of the plant allowing the energy to go into the bulb and not the flower.   The scapes taste just like garlic and can be...