Everyone’s health and safety is important to us and we want to continue to provide the community with safe, nutritious, healthy food.  Being a farm and working with food, we have strict hygiene  rules in place for both personal and health code reasons.

These have been elevated even further.

We want to provide safe food from the farm and get it directly to you without anyone else involved. Farm direct is safest.

Our CSA, farm stands  and farmers markets are operating with modifications.

We thank you for understanding and take care of each other.

The Farmer Dave’s Team

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Bakery Share 2020 Open

A bi-weekly share, made in small batches, with product from the farm.

Home and Office Delivery Available

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Welcome to Farmer Dave’s

Farmer Dave’s is a diversified farm north of Boston that responsibly grows a myriad of vegetables and fruits.  While offering a CSA membership with pickups in many surrounding communities, Farmer Dave’s operates farm stands and participates in local farmers markets, school tours and pick-your-own apples. Committed to our food eco-system and keeping our community strong and healthy, we strive to keep our food sustainable and local.

2020 Spring Share

2020 Veg Choice

2020 Veg Pre-Box

2020 Spring Share

2020 Veg Choice

2020 Veg Pre-Box

Being a member has made my husband and me eat more vegetables. I like trying new vegetables that I would not normally buy if I saw them in the grocery store. The recipe blog and Vegisodes are really helpful. I like knowing that we are supporting something local and helping the environment by eating locally grown, in season vegetables.


My family has been a member of the CSA for a few years now. When we first started I was intimidated by all the veggies I didn’t know. However your website is amazing for identifying veggies and getting ideas for recipes. You have helped me learn how to eat healthy and in season, and in turn teach my family.  


Everyone at Farmer Dave’s is dedicated to excellent customer service too. I have always had wonderful interactions with everyone on the farm. Thank you for all that you do.


We eat better year round, learn new ways to prepare and preserve healthy food, support our environment and community and enjoy a fun treasure hunt at every pick up with staff to answer questions.


Preserve Fresh Herbs in Oil or Butter

How to preserve fresh herbs in Oil or Butter. From Organic Gardening, Vol. 59:6, page 24 Wash herbs, discarding stems and damaged leaves.  Spin leaves dry in a salad spinner or dry well with paper towels. Place herbs in a food processor with 1/3 cup olive oil for...

Colcannon – Make It Your Own

Colcannon to the Irish is like Sunday gravy to the Italians. Every family has their own recipe. This makes it a great blank slate for your CSA stash. Look at it as potatoes and greens. This is a base recipe then there will be suggested substitutions which may take it...

Apple Cider Roasted Carrots and Radish

Adapted from The Roasted Root by Farmer Dave's Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Clean and slice carrots to 1/4 inch and halve or quarter radish depending on size. The vegetables will roast best if cut a similar size. Twelve larger carrots and 1 bunch of radishes and a...

Sweet and Sour Braised Cabbage

Adapted by Farmer Dave's from Rachael Ray Everyday Ingredients 1 tablespoon butter 1/3 pound chopped thick-cut bacon 1 chopped or finely sliced onion 2 chopped or shredded carrots 2 chopped granny smith or any cooking apples that are tart or sweet-tart 2 teaspoons...


Tomatillos are members of the nightshade family and are technically a fruit.  They come in varying shades of green to yellow-green and look like an unripe tomato wrapped in a paper husk.Tomatillos flavor is bright and acidic.  Their flesh is dense and less watery then...