submitted by Sarah

Line baking dish/ramekin with Zuchini, Beans and chopped greens.
take the rest of the items in your share (All of them – especially the
radishes and corn -sliced off the cob) and wash chop slightly.

Toss into a food processor with Salt, Pepper, Parsely Sage, Rosemary and
Thyme, Onion Salt (or onions if you have them) and Garlic. Chop/process
until the consistency of tabbouleh. Put this as the next layer of the
baking dish.

In the same processor chop up 1/2 brick of cheese, 1.5 inch brick of
Neufechetel Cream Cheese, and then add 4 eggs.

Pour Egg mixture evenly over contents of baking dish.

Crush some crackers and put on top if it suits (I like Breton – whole
wheat) or grate some more cheese on top and add decorative garnish.

 Pop in the oven at 375 until it fully puffs up, and stops simmering.

Serve! and then save some for Lunch the next day…