By Nancy Kwant

One Pound of the following:
– Some type of white fish (I usually use Haddock)
– Shrimp
– Scallops
– Optonial-1/4-1/2 Pound Squid-(Some people do not like the texture)

At least six Lemons and two Limes
– Red, Green, Yellow Peppers
– Tomatoes
– Red Onion
Several bunches of cilantro (don’t be shy, the more cilantro, the better this dish tastes)
– One jar of Capers
– Avocado
Dash of cracked pepper

Cut up fish and combine with the juices squeezed from the lemons and limes. Make sure the juice is covering the fish in the bowl.  Allow to sit overnight in fridge. The juice will “cook” the fish.

The following day cut up peppers, tomatoes, onion, and cilantro. Pour the juice off of the fish into another bowl and save for later.  Combine fish with peppers, tomato, and onion. Add cilantro and capers and pepper. Jalapenos can either be combined in the dish or just used as decoration for final product.

Once everything is combined, pour the juice reserve over everything and mix again.  Chill about an hour before serving.  Adorn with jalapeno and avocado slices.