Salad alternatives for lettuce!     


I look forward to spring salads most of the year.  I love the tender lettuce leaves and baby brassicas in the spring mixes.  But as much as I love spring salads having one every day can become a bit tedious even for the most die-hard herbivore.


With that in mind here are eight ways to enjoy the CSA lettuce bounty that aren’t salads.


Non-Salad Lettuce Recipe Ideas:

  1. Try it as a pizza topping like on this Grilled BLT pizza
  2. Fresh peas and lettuce.  I’m holding onto this one until June when the peas and garlic scapes will be fresh and abundant but I imagine it would be equally amazing with frozen peas and a bunch of ramps if you can score some.
  3. I’ll admit that I’ve always been skeptical of Lettuce Soup but I tried this recipe by Emeril Lagasse this week and I’m a total convert.
  4. Lettuce Sauce.  I was equally thrilled with this recipe.  It’s like a bright, springtime pesto.   Use it as a topping for smoked salmon or left over chilled chicken.
  5. Don’t forget about breakfast!  Here are 70 recipes for Green Smoothies!
  6. Use as a filling for Popiah Rolls.  (Like a spring roll but not fried)
  7. Add it to a quiche or fritatta