1-2 Cups Broccoli
1-2 Cups chopped ham
(Combined total of 3 cups between Broccoli and Ham)
2 Cups shredded mixed cheeses
1 frozen pie shell
Eggbeaters or eggs, beaten

– Steam broccoli, then chop and mix with chopped ham
– Mix with 2 Cups shredded mixed cheeses
– Bake frozen pie shell at 450 for 5 minutes
– Reduce oven to 375
– Add eggbeaters or beaten eggs to the bottom of the pie crust, then add broccoli, meat, and cheese mixture. Add more eggbeaters of beaten eggs until mixture is covered.
– Bake for 40-50 minutes or until center is done.

Note: May need to be covered half way through to prevent from burning.