Poblano Peppers – dark green chili peppers that originated in Puebla, Mexico.

These peppers have a mild flavor and generally are lower on the heat scale.  Dried poblanos are called ancho chili peppers and are one of the ingredients in moles.

As with all chili peppers, the heat can vary between pepper plants and even peppers on the same plant.

When cooking with any chili peppers, wearing gloves is recommended to avoid getting the oils on your skin.

This versatile pepper can be stuffed, roasted, fried or chopped finely and added to a sofrito.  As you are roasting your other fall vegetables, toss one or two of these on the sheet tray whole.

These peppers freeze wonderfully raw for later stuffing and cooking.  Roast and freeze in bags for adding to dips, salsas, chili and any other recipes where you want to add a little heat later in the season.