Napa Cabbage (or Chinese Cabbage as it is sometimes called) is a member of the brassica family.  It is refreshing and crunchy, perfect for a salad green substitute or slaw.  It can also stand up well in s stirfry, casserole (stuffed cabbage leaves) or soup.  It is like two greens in one.  The top portion is more tender and perfect for raw dishes where the bottom is ideal for cooking.

A couple of quickie recipes:
Noodle Salad:
Shred some carrots and thinly slice peppers and the top portion of the napa cabbage. Toss with a little rice wine vinegar, soy sauce,sesame oil and some cooked noodles.  Use the as a clean out the “crisper” dish.  Shredded or chopped beets and tomatoes would be delicious as well as beans.  

Quick weeknight soup:
Sliced cabbage, onions, carrots sauteed for 10 minutes or so with some spices from the pantry.  Add chicken (or veggie) stock and some water. Bring up to a simmer then add some tortellini and cook per package directions.

Egg Roll In A Bowl:
This is a favorite recipe than can be adjusted to what you have.You can use shredded pork, ground pork, shrimp, spicy italian sausage or make if vegetarian.

Stuffed Cabbage:


Slice, rinse and run it through a salad spinner.  Package in plastic zip top bags with a paper towel.  Package the more delicate tops in a separate bag from the more robust bottoms as they may be used in different recipes.  Saves time later.