Poblanos are a dark green, mildly spicy pepper, less spicy than a jalapeno pepper.  A good description of them is a fruity pepper with a kick.  Frequently the peppers are roasted then added to dips, sauces, chili and salsas or roasted, stuffed and baked.  Roasted poblanos, onions and garlic are a delicious addition to grilled steak and quesadillas.

Roasting Poblanos:
Roast poblanos as you would any pepper, over an open flame, in the oven or on a grill.  Once the skin is blackened, place in a bowl with a piece of plastic wrap over it to steam.  When cool enough to handle scrap off the blackened skin.  Cut a slit to remove the seeds.  At this point the pepper can be stuffed and baked, chopped for use in a recipe or chopped and frozen for later use.

Store unwashed poblano peppers in the crisper drawer in your refrigerator for a week to 10 days.  Roasted, peeled peppers can be stored in a closed container for a few days in your refrigerator.  Raw or roasted peppers can be frozen for a few months then used in various recipes.

Two favorite stuffed poblano recipes:

An unconventional stuffed poblano recipe:
Thanksgiving leftovers. Cut poblanos in half, clean out the seeds and freeze. After the holiday, from your leftovers, make a mixture of chopped turkey, whole berry cranberry sauce and stuffing.  Briefly roast the pepper halves skin side up until blistered, steam and rub off skin.  Stuff pepper halves with the Thanksgiving left over mixture and bake in a casserole until hot throughout.

Enchiladas,Tacos, Burritos etc
This recipe can be so easily morphed to you what is in your CSA crate.Make it a burrito, quesadilla or taco.  Make it as complex or simple as you would like.  Whether the filling is vegetarian or not, the flavors can be deep – finely chopped radishes go wonderfully with roasted poblanos.

Dips and Sauces:

Alternate: sub kale for spinach
Use veggie stock, olive oil and cooked white beans to add the creaminess given by the butter and creamhttps://www.rachaelrayshow.com/recipe/13518_Roasted_Poblano_Sauce