Pictured: Zucchini, Kousa, Yellow Zucchini, Patty Pan or Summer Squash

Zucchini –  a summer favorite.  It has a neutral flavor and is versatile.  Equally delicious raw to be dipped, stuffed or used in salads, soups or grilled.  Spiralize as a pasta alternative.

Kousa– a tender, thin skinned squash that is slightly sweeter in flavor to zucchini.   Should be used quickly.  Often found in Middle Eastern cooking.  Kousa stuffed, baked or sliced and cooked with za’atar or lemon pepper seasoning is delicious.

Golden Zucchini– similar to green zucchini.

Patty Pan – shaped like a flying saucer, it has a higher flesh to seed ratio. The squash holds its texture which makes it great for high heat grilling and cooking.  Excellent stuffed and baked.

Summer Squash– Has the highest water content and is the most delicate of the squash when it comes to cooking. This is at its best prepared simply– shave into salads, quickly grill or simmer in onions and chopped tomatoes with basil.