Spigariello, in addition to being fun to pronounce it is a green that is part of the broccoli family.  It is considered a dark green but its taste is more delicate than broccoli rabe.  The leaves are softer than both kale and broccoli rabe, closer to spinach.  It reminds us of spinach with an attitude.  

Spigariello can be substituted for spinach in pastas, in salads, grain dishes and as part of a stir fry.  Make use of the leaves and most of the stems.It is delicious sauteed with onions and garlic (add some red pepper flake if you like a little spice) then added to cannellini beans and chopped tomatoes. Have a side of garlic bread to scoop it up with and there is dinner! 

Store the spigariello in a plastic bag, wrapped in a paper towel in the refrigerator crisper.
So many of the CSA greens can be substituted in the recipe below including spigariello. Another reason to stash some greens in your freezer for use later.