Romanesco is a members of the brassica family.  It is also known as Romanesco Broccoli or Roman Cauliflower,   It is chartruese in color and has a growth pattern that produces ornate twists, a natural fractal.  Its flavor is delicate and nutty in comparison to other members of the brassica family.

Cooking Suggestions: Can be prepared like cauliflower or broccoli.
Separate florets and blanche briefly, then toss with hot pasta and cheese.
Steam florets until tender, then puree with garlic, cream and parmesan.
Sauté florets in a hot skillet, then stir in a mixture of miso, red pepper, anchovy, almonds and water.
Toss pieces with olive oil and spread out on a parchment lined sheet tray.  Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper and roast at 375 degrees until the edges just start to carmelize.

Handling and Storage:   To store, place in a plastic bag and refrigerate. Use within two to three days for optimum quality.
Remove leaves and store separately in a ziplock bag.  These are wonderful in a stir fry or tossed in olive oil and roasted.
Separate florets by cutting them from the stem starting at the underside (as you would a cauliflower).
The Romanesco can also be cut in slices or wedges for roasting or steaming.