The beets have done well in storage for the spring share.  If you are getting beet fatigue here are some different ways I have been using my beets.  For simple side, try roasted beets go great with feta – the sweet with salty is tasty.  Toss with some orange zest and chopped nuts for texture.  You could also substitute ricotta or goat cheese.

This is a great recipe from A Spicy Perspective.  Sweating the beet slices prior to roasting them kept them crunchy.  The chips we perfect for dipping in hummus, herby dressing or homemade french onion dip (great way to use up any extra onions).

Oven Baked Beet Chips Recipe – A Spicy Perspective

I usually make my panzanella salad with grilled summer tomatoes, onions and charred bread.  This recipe uses roasted beets, orange (goes great with beets!), any herbs, ricotta salata (feta works too), red onion and rye bread.  Big flavors that stand up to the rye bread.  This will now be my off season panzanella salad until tomatoes are back in season.  Give it a try!

Beet and Rye Panzanella Recipe | Bon Appétit (

Slaws are my go to with the different root veggies and greens we receive in the spring share.  This one uses beets, carrots, parsley, mint, golden raisins and pistachios.  Over greens or tossed with thinly shaved cabbage it will hold up for a few days for lunches.

Carrot and Beet Slaw with Pistachios and Raisins Recipe | Bon Appétit (

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