Prep time on greens is time well spent.  Getting your greens cut, washed and sometimes cooked sets you up to add them to so many recipes throughout the week and preserves space in the refrigerator.   What to do with the greens?  Are you on Team Raw or Team Cooked? Love the crunchy bite of dark, leafy greens such as kale, broccoli rabe and rainbow chard?  Or the zingy, peppery flavor of arugula?

Team Raw:

Massaging the greens (2 minutes), using a vinaigrette with citrus and honey and adding fresh or dried fruit will round out any bitterness of the greens.  If you are on the fence with raw, dark greens, give this technique a try.  Massaging the greens makes them a bit more tender.

Team Cooked:
This recipe is great as is or tossed in pasta or topping a pizza.

This is a great make ahead and freezes wonderfully! Make it even easier and grab some pre-made dough.

Greens for breakfast or dinner.

Remember the greens can be substituted for each other in many recipes.  Use what you have.  No rainbow chard?  Use kale or broccoli rabe.