The Humble Scallion

Also known as a spring onion or green onion this humble ingredient is woven through cooking cultures all over the world.  Scallions are part of the allium family along with onions and garlic.  They have many nutrients and bring quite a bit of flavor to the table. 

The flavor is not as strong as an onion, the green tops being more delicate in taste then the white (or purple) bottoms.  If you are seeking a subtle flavor, this is your ingredient.  Scallions are frequently used in a stir fry, scallion pancakes, frittatas, tossed in rice or quinoa with lime juice and zest or in a brothy soup with vegetables or poached fish.  Scallions are wonderful when used in pesto and other types of herb sauces and are great grilled!  Top salads, mix into tuna, chicken or chickpea salad and use in salsas and dips.

Scallion storage: 

There are a few of options.  Wrap the scallion bunch in a paper towel, fold in half and place in a zip-top food storage bag place in the refrigerator.  Place the scallions in a drinking glass half full of water and either leave on your windowsill or in the door of your refrigerator tented with a plastic bag.  If you plan on using them within a few days you can chop them and put them in a sandwich bag or container so they are prepped and ready for use.  Long-term storage the scallions can be frozen – slice and stored in a zip-top freezer bag and squeeze all the air out.  I keep this small bag in the door of my freezer along with other frozen pesto and herbs so it does not get lost.