Using Your Greens
We all know that greens are nutritious and good for us.  
Many of us look forward to this time of year when greens are in season, delicious and plentiful.  
Not you?  Try and look at your greens in a different way.  
Rather than having them be the star, have them assume a supporting role as part of a recipe.
1) Smoothies.  Whether smoothies are a start to your day, an after workout boost or a nightly treat, smoothies are a great vehicle to use your greens.  Paired with milk, nut milk, juice or water and some fruit or honey for sweetness, smoothies can be a method of getting a serving or two of greens.  
If the thought of prepping a smoothie in the morning is too much, make smoothie bags for the freezer.  Measure out greens, cucumbers and your fruit for the week and store them in the freezer.  Pop the bag contents in the blender, add your liquid of choice and any add-ins (flax seed, chia seed, oatmeal, honey etc) and blend.  
Apples are a great add in for sweetness and as a thickener.
Experiment with ratios and find your favorite combo.
2) Frittatas, Quiche or Egg Muffins.  Greens cook down in volume.  What may seem like an overwhelming volume to start, once prepped and cooked, it shrinks.  Try the greens cooked with onions and perhaps bacon or sausage for a breakfast frittata.  Add some chopped tomatoes and herbs for a vegetarian version.  The baked eggs can be breakfast or a simple supper wrapped in a tortilla with some salsa on the side.  The egg muffins freeze beautifully and can be warmed up as needed for a breakfast on the run.
3) Rice (or Grain) Salad.  Cook your rice or chosen grain in a flavorful liquid (broth or seasoned water).  The greens can be raw – chop finely and dress with a vinaigrette  or cook chopped greens with onions and garlic.  Have other veggies prepped and ready – shredded carrots, cubed roasted potatoes and beets, cubed raw squash, tomatoes, radish, peas (steamed or raw) etc.  For additional protein have beans (canned and rinsed or precooked), chicken, eggs, shrimp etc ready to go.  
The beauty of this recipe is all of the pieces are prepped ahead and it is a use what you have meal, great for keeping up with your csa stash.  

4) Pasta.  So many options.  Cook the greens with other veggies and toss with the cooked pasta and some cheese.  Incorporate the greens into a pasta sauce.  Have the greens provide a bed for a pasta salad.  If you have extra time, make homemade pasta with greens in the dough.  Macaroni and cheese with cooked greens (or pesto) stirred in the cheese sauce.  

5) Pesto.  Made with almost any green then added to pasta, soups, beans and stews or top baked chicken or fish..

6)  Grilled or stir-fried salad.  Yes, you heard that right.  A more robust lettuce, like romaine is delicious brushed with olive oil and lightly charred on the grill.  A hearty lettuce will also hold up like cabbage in a stir-fry.  Romaine sauteed quickly with peas then tossed with pasta is a delicious early summer meal.

7) Pizza or Flatbread.  Greens, garlic and cheese are a match made in heaven.  Experiment and use what you have.
Did anyone carmelize and freeze onions from the spring share?  This would be a great use for them!

8) Wraps or Tacos.  Use the greens as the shell or wrap or chop and add some crunch to the wrap or taco.  It is one of so many flavorful ingredients in the recipe, you may find you love it.