Sugar Snap Peas
Snow Peas

Sugar snap and snow peas have edible pods. Pull off the stem end and the string down one side should follow. Give them a rinse and drain. Pat dry and store in a container or zip-top bag with a paper towel.

Both types of peas are wonderful straight up as a snack or dipped in hummus or dressing. There is nothing like the flavor of fresh, summer peas. It does not need very much enhancement.

If you like your peas cooked, a quick saute is all that is needed to preserve some crunch. Here are my favorite combos for either sugar snap or snow:

1) A quick saute in olive oil (or oil of choice) with a little sea salt and lemon pepper seasoning. When finished a squeeze of fresh lemon and a little lemon zest and toss.

2) A quick saute with olive oil (or oil of choice). Make a mix of a couple tablespoonfuls of soy sauce, a teaspoonful of toasted sesame oil and a teaspoonful of rice vinegar. While the peas are still crisp-tender, remove from the heat and toss with the mixture. Top with sesame seeds.

3) A quick saute in butter (you will want just enough to coat the peas). When the peas reach the crisp-tender stage take off the heat and toss with whatever chopped fresh herbs you have on hand and season with a little salt.